EZ PRO Resistivity Survey Meter



EZ PRO Resistivity Survey Meter
Easily Finds Underground Anomalies such as Gold Veins or Deposits, Caves and Tunnels, Water, and Buried Treasure!

The EZ RES PRO is the easiest to use earth resistivity scanner available today. It will accurately find underground anomalies such as caves or tunnels, mineral veins and deposits, water deposits, and even buried caches at depths from 1 to 50 meters or more (with additional optional wire). To accomplish this, powerful electrical pulses are sent through the ground at varying frequencies and the resistance to the current is measured in Ohms (or Ohms Meters). The use of the EZ RES PRO is as simple as putting 2 to 4 probes into the ground, connecting wires to them, and pressing a button. The results are immediately displayed on the screen.

*Voxler 4 3D Data Imaging Software Now Included ($500 Value)

“A must have for every treasure hunter’s equipment arsenal.”

2 Year Warranty
Data Logger can Store up to 300 Scans
Designed, Created and Supported in the USA
Will Perform up to 5000 Scans from 6 Changeable C Cell Batteries
Accurately finds Underground Anomalies at Depths from 1 to 300 Meters or More
Supports All of the Standard 2, 3, and 4 Probe Arrays that are Used by Professional Surveyors

What’s Included:
Gear Bag
10 Survey Flags
2 – 25 Meter Cables
2 – 50 Meter Cables
5 Steel Probes with Case
2 – 50 Meter Measuring Tapes
Main Host Unit in Waterproof Case
2 – Jumper Wires (for 2 probe surveys)
Voxler 4 3D Data Imaging Software CD-ROM ($500 Value)


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