Bounty Hunter Fast Tracker Metal Detector



with 7.25″ Search Coil Plus FREE Metal Detecting & Treasure Hunting Accessories

Metal Detectors for Kids. Do you have a child in your family that’s just dying to go treasure hunting? Do you wish there were a metal detector that could keep the kids busy without losing their interest? The Bounty Hunter Fast Tracker, a favorite for children 10 and under, is just the ticket for young metal detectorists around the world!

The Bounty Hunter Fast Tracker includes a 7.25″ interchangeable, waterproof search coil design. You can hunt in the discriminate mode or use the all metal mode to detect all types of metal. This unit includes a dual tone discrimination mode. With it, you can hear different tones for different types of metals. Now you can identify the target before digging by listening to the tones. The sensitivity can be adjusted to reduce electronic interference and adjust for the maximum depth. The automatic ground track provides with preset ground balancing. This model includes a small external speaker in addition to a headphone jack. Two 9 volt batteries batteries are required.

The Bounty Hunter Fast Tracker metal detector will detect in extreme ground conditions from saltwater beaches to highly mineralized inland sites with no operator adjustments to the circuitry and with no loss of sensitivity. The Bounty Hunter Fast Tracker offers 2-tone audio target identification for fun, easy discriminate capability. The Fast Tracker is easy to operate, highly rugged, comfortable, lightweight, and extremely efficient in the field.

Frequency : 6.6 Khz
Warranty : 5 Year Limited
Total Weight : 3 lbs (1.36 kgs)
Audio : Built-in External Speaker and 1/4″ Headphone Jack
Sensitivity Control : Adjust Detector to Changing Ground Conditions
Discrimination Control : Eliminate or Tune Out “Junk” and Unwanted Targets

Factory Included Accessories:
7.25″ Search Coil


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