Aquascan Aquapulse AQ1B – 8″ Submersible Search Coil (Bone Phone) Metal Detector



Aquascan Aquapulse AQ1B – 8″ Submersible Search Coil (Bone Phone) Metal Detector
with 8″ Submersible Search Coil and Submersible Bone Phone

This is NOT your Grandfathers metal detector or even your Fathers metal detector.

Aquapulse does not use Beat Frequency, TR, or even VLF technology. It uses the advanced version of Pulse Technology whose results in actual use have proven to be the choice of people world-wide who actually use the Aquapulse searching for treasure to make their living. You don’t have to be a treasure diver searching underwater wrecks for treasure. Hundreds of Gold and Silver treasure coins are still being found on beaches and in shallow water. With your Aqua Pulse you can find coins, both old and new, gold rings and jewelry, even relics and artifacts washed up on beaches or in sand dunes.

If you can snorkel using a face mask you can search further off the beach and find treasures that others are sure to have missed. If you are a diver, this is your chance to pick up all those lost valuables from boats docked in harbors or even search for sunken wrecks that you can find by researching available maps which indicate sunken ships. Your opportunities are everywhere! Remember, (with your Aquapulse) everywhere people have been, you can find the treasures they lost and left behind.

Warranty : 1 Year Limited
Total Weight : 15 lbs (6.8 kgs)
Frequency : Pulse Induction (PI)
Audio : Underwater Headphone Jack
Waterproof : Fully Submersible to 328′ (100 Meters)

Factory Included Accessories:
Submersible Bone Phone
8″ Submersible Search Coil
120V Mains Battery Charger with Plug
Harness & Belt with Quick Release Buckle


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