Simmons Titan II Pendulum Metal Detector



Simmons Titan II Pendulum Metal Detector
Designed Only to Search for Gold or Silver

This special compactly-made locator is designed only to search for gold or silver. It will not be attracted to any other material than gold or silver. The Titan-II has been a favorite of many treasure hunters because its size is such that it can be kept in ones shirt or coat pocket at all times, if desired. Operation of the Titan-II is simple. When held as shown in the picture, the Titan-II can swing back and forth in a pendulum-line motion in line with the direction of the attraction.

Additional readings are taken to find the location through the method of triangulation or you can just follow the direction indicated to the location. When you are over the correct location, the Titan-II will operate in a circular pattern. The range of the Titan-II is less than that of the other instruments but it is adequate if you have sufficient idea of where it is to allow you to get within a reasonable range of it.


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